Unit Converter


The Unit Converter feature in Portable Physicist is designed for easy conversions. Rather than opening up a converter elsewhere, the Unit Converter allows for conversions to be done within the app, making the whole process simpler and faster. In addition, the most recent conversions are accessible here, making it easy to switch between calculating values and converting them to the right units.

How to Convert a Value

1: Select a variable

select variable menu
select variable picker

2: Enter in the initial value

sample value field

3: Select the original unit

original unit menu
original unit picker

4: Select the unit you want to convert it to

new unit menu
new unit picker

5: Tap the convert button

convert button
conversion answer

Past Unit Conversions

After you finish a conversion, it is automatically saved and accessible by tapping the show past conversions button. After tapping the button, it reveals the past twenty five conversions you have done on Portable Physicist's Unit Converter. Each conversion includes both the units and value for both the pre and post converted variable.

past conversion screen