Upcoming Tournament: Strixhaven Championship

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source: wizards of the coast

In just a few weeks, the Strixhaven Championship will begin. This article will guide you through how to follow it, understanding the tournament, and predicting the meta. The Strixhaven Championship, like any other Championship, can earn you MTG Fantasy points if drafted players do well, so it is recommended to check out the tournament and try to obtain players you expect to perform well in it.

Where to Watch

The Strixhaven Championship occurs starts on Friday, June 4th and ends on Sunday, June 6th. It starts at 12:00 pm EST on each of the three days. The tournament can be watched on Magic's official Twitch channel here: Magic Twitch

Tournament Structure

The Strixhaven Championship is attended by all members of both professional leagues (MPL and Rivals), along with qualifying Challenger players. Both traditional (best-of-three) Standard and Historic are played at the Strixhaven Championship. The players submit one decklist for Standard and one for Historic and cannot change their decklists after submitting. In other words, they play with the exact same Standard deck for all the Standard rounds, as for Historic. Below is a more specific analysis of what to expect from each of the three days of the Strixhaven Championship.

Day One (Friday, June 4th)

Day One consists of seven rounds of swiss. For those unfamiliar, swiss means that the players play whoever is their same record: for example, if you currently have three wins and two losses, you will play against another person with three wins and two losses. The first three rounds of Day One are Historic, while the other four rounds are Standard.

Day Two

All of the players' wins, losses, and "tie-breakers" are carried into Day Two. On Day Two, there are eight swiss rounds, with the first four being Historic and the last four being Standard. After that, the top eight is chosen based on record and "tie-breakers".

For those unfamiliar, tie-breakers in MTG are used to determine which players with the same record place higher in standings. These are determined based on the quality of their opponents. If the opponents that they faced do better, they have better tie breakers, and vice versa. Thus, it is generally more favorable for players to lose later rather than earlier in the tournament (since players may just drop the tournament if they lose several early rounds in a row).

Day Three

Day Three is played entirely in Historic. It is only for the top eight players in the tournament. The top eight works as a double-elimination bracket. In addition, the final match is a best two-out-of-three matches match.

Generally, the most exciting games occur on the last day of the tournament, as that is the top eight players competing for the top prize. So if you are limited on time, I recommend watching the game on Sunday, especially if you have MTG Fantasy players in the top eight.

Meta Analysis

Whenever a new set is released, the meta for the constructed formats typically changes, as new cards can create new decks. Knowing the decks that are good can help one decide which MTG Fantasy players are better pickups, as some players may focus on one deck over the other in their practices leading up to the tournament.


The Standard meta has not changed much since Strixhaven has been released. The top decks in the format are still relatively the same. Below is the list of decks and their archetype below.

  • Temur Adventures (Midrange)
  • Gruul Adventures (faster Midrange)
  • Rogues (faster Midrange)
  • Sultai Ultimatum (Control)
  • Mono-Red Aggro
  • Mono-White Aggro


Like Standard, Historic did not change a lot due to Strixhaven. That said, Historic had some additional exclusive cards added to the format, giving it a lot more power. Specifically, Faithless Looting and Brainstorm are recent additions that changed the format a lot.

Below is a list of the most prominent decks to watch out for in the format.

  • UW(r) Control
  • Gruul Aggro
  • Auras (Aggro)
  • GW Company (faster Midrange)
  • Rogues (faster Midrange)
  • Jund Sac (faster Midrange)
  • Oracle Pact (combo deck)
  • Storm (combo deck)