About MTG Fantasy

MTG Fantasy is essentially a sports fantasy league website, but for the trading card game Magic: the Gathering! Users create a league with friends and draft pro MTG players and earn points based on how they perform. In addition, MTG Fantasy has articles and guides to help improve one's fantasy experiences.


Creating Draft

Notice: only one person per group needs to do this
To create a draft, you first need to register for an account or log in if you already have. Then, click the link here. Once on that page, you just need to fill out the number of players drafting and then a draft name. Once there, the draft will appear on your account.

Participating in your Fantasy League

The way MTG Fantasy drafts work is, you first select a certain number of players in a draft. The number of players on your team is determined by the number of people participating in your draft.

After that, for an MTG season, the players on your team earn you points based on how they participate in a tournament. The better the players place, the more points they earn you. The person who accumulates the most points wins the fantasy league.

You may change your players by trading with other people within your fantasy league. All trades must be fair; no collusion is allowed. MTG Fantasy does not have any responsibility for any issues you have in trades, thus it is recommended that each group figures out a concrete list of fair rules to abide by.

How to Succeed

The best tips for succeeding in drafts would be to stay on top of the pro scene. MTG Fantasy has articles on both pro players and tournaments, which you can view below.


Decided to try out a draft with your friends but don't know much about the MTG pro scene or MTG itself? Below are a few guides that we have constructed to aid those less familiar.

MTG Quickstart Guide

This guide is for those who have little to no experience with the game Magic: the Gathering or just want a quick refresher. This is not intended to teach one how to play the game at a professional level; rather, it is meant to help one follow professional games and understand formats and deck archetypes. In more simple terms, this guide will be more than enough for someone to succeed in their MTG Fantasy League. Topics gone over include how to play, general gameplay, formats, and basic deck archetypes.

View Guide Here

MTG Pro Scene Guide

This guide is for those who understand MTG but not the professional scene. Essentially, MTG is like an esports, with several smaller tournaments that lead up to larger competitions. In the current climate, thanks to Covid-19, most tournaments and gameplay have been moved online. As such, the structure has been undergoing a lot of change, making it look a lot more different than a year ago. Thus, this guide is an invaluable tool for understanding the most up-to-date information on the structure of the MTG competitive tournaments and overall bracket.

View Guide Here


Want to level up your knowledge of the latest players and tournaments? Want to know the best players to pick up for in the draft? MTG Fantasy's articles will cover a vast array of MTG pro-scene content. Current and upcoming tournaments, player performances, deck archetypes to look out for, and other similar content veins will be written about. These articles are a highly recommended read for anyone interested in winning their MTG Fantasy League.

Latest Articles

Below is a list of the latest articles. While the newest articles are the best to read as information gets stale, all are excellent reads to growing your understanding of the MTG pro scene in a general sense.