This is the page that houses all of the guides, whether they be for MTG, the pro-scene, or MTG Fantasy itself. Below is a list of guides with more information on each.

MTG Quickstart Guide

This page goes over the basics of Magic: the Gathering, focusing on the most relevant information to succeed in an MTG Fantasy league. Specifically, the basics of MTG are covered alongside deck archetypes and formats, so that you can make better draft decisions and watch your players win.

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Mono Green Stompy, a deck from the Standard format in MTG

source: channel fireball

This guide will go over deck archetypes, which is the archetype of the deck above.

MTG In-Depth Guide

This page takes a deep dive into MTG's rules. The guide does not go over all of MTG's rules. Instead, it focuses more on what is useful for someone interested in watching MTG as opposed to playing it at a competitive level. That said, MTG is a very complicated game, so the guide is still separated from the MTG Quickstart Guide due to its length and amount of information.

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A complicated board state in MTG Arena.

source: geek wire

The above board has creatures, lands, artifacts, and enchantments, most card types that are reviewed in the guide.

Pro-Scene Guide

This page reviews the structure of MTG's competitive scene. Specifically, it goes over the different types of tournaments that occur throughout the year, the MPL, and everything else related. A very useful guide for anyone who has not read up on the pro-scene recently, as it has changed quite a bit since a few years ago.

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A Grand Prix with thousands of people seated, playing MTG

source: wizards of the coast

Due to COVID-19, all professional MTG tournaments have been moved to online only. Some of the pre-COVID-19 tournaments packed thousands of people, like the Grand Prix shown above.