CS 3043: Social Implications Of Information Processing
E20 (Sophomore Year, Summer)

Course Description

“Cat. I This course makes the student aware of the social, moral, ethical, and philosophical impact of computers and computer-based systems on society, both now and in the future. Topics include major computer-based applications and their impact, human-machine relationships, and the major problems of controlling the use of computers. Students will be expected to contribute to classroom discussions and to complete a number of significant writing assignments. This course is recommended for juniors and seniors. Recommended background: a general knowledge of computers and computer systems.”


Concepts Learned


My Experience

CS 3043 was a class discussion class, where we talked about issues with computing at an ethical level. Ethics were introduced along with lots of practical, modern examples of dilemmas involving technology. Each student did a presentation, where mine was on using contract tracing and the ethics of using something that can be viewed as invasive.