MTG Fantasy

MTG Fantasy is a website for a fantasy league for a card game Magic the Gathering (MTG), created to give information on the fantasy game. This website is meant for MTG players and friends. The website focuses on both guides and articles. The guides teach about aspects of MTG and the professional scene, while articles analyze current and upcoming professional MTG events.

This project idea was generated by me and some friends, and I decided to make it as a class project. Specifically, I took a class, Writing for the Web, where we were tasked with creating a website. I decided to create this website out of it. As of now, all of the progress I made on the website comes purely from the class, but that may change depending on future developments of the MTG Esports scene.


Below is the main areas of content that MTG Fantasy provides.

Creating a League

The main feature of the website is to create a fantasy league, by selecting a group of people, performing a draft, and then competing for points. This feature is not implemented as of present, but will be added if the project continues.


In addition, guides are provided for educating people who may not be super familiar with MTG or the Esports scene. This is because participants may get their friends less familiar with certain aspects of the game/scene interested in playing. A few guides are written up and are available for viewing as of present.


Finally, some articles are present on the pro scene. The goal was to have articles written up to aid people in drafting. A few are included in the current website, with more to be added if the project gets revived.

Issue with the Website

The reason I had to stop developing the website and did not take it any further than the class project was because Wizards of the Coast, the company who develops Magic, decided to abruptly and unexpectedly end their Esports scene. Thus, the website does not have any purpose, unless this changes later. Given the history of Wizards of the Coast, they could reverse their decision or bring back some fortm of Esports within a year or two, in which case the project can come back. Until then, it is on pause and put on display in its current form.

You can view the website here: MTG Fantasy