One of my favorite aspects of Computer Science is being able to apply the knowledge learned in the classroom to solve real-world issues and help others. I have completed several rigorous projects, along with plans to start a few others.

List of Projects

portable physicist icon
Portable Physicist

Portable Physicist is an iOS app developed to assist both students and teachers with physics. Portable Physicist includes quick calculators, unit conversions, practice problems, quizzes, and other features essential to any student studying physics.

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dntcentral icon
Death and Taxes Central

Death and Taxes Central is a website containing information on a Magic: the Gathering deck archetype. D&T Central includes guides, discussions, articles, videos, and tons of other resources regarding the Death and Taxes deck.

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Drag-and-drop Equation Editor

In a class at WPI, the final project was to create a drag-and-drop equation editor in Java. The project was very difficult, to the point that few were able to complete it. However, my partner and I were able to complete the daunting assignment.

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game jam icon
Game-jam Video Game

During a 48-hour game jam at WPI, I collaborated with a small team to develop a game based on a fun prompt. While the video game was far from polished, the experiences gained were very valuable.

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Substring Research Project

During one of my college classes, CS 2223 Algorithms, I worked in a team of five to conduct research on substring search. We analyzed the performance of the KMP substring algorithm through testing.

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web development icon
Webware Final Project

This final project was creating a full-stack website utilziing ReactJS, NodeJS, ExpressJS, and MongoDB. The website itself was called "One Word Story", where users contributed a word to a shared story.

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software engineering icon
Software Engineering Project

During one of my college classes, CS 3733 Software Engineering, I worked in a team of four to develop an application from scratch, utilizing AWS Lambda functions in Java, with a HTML/CSS/JS frontend.

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mtg fantasy icon
MTG Fantasy

This project was created for a humanities practicum, which required a website to be made. The goal of the site was to host a "sports fantasy" system for the trading card game MTG.

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ar/vr research icon
AR/VR Research

At the end of my sophomore year, I worked on a team of three on a research project, where we utilized the Microsoft Hololens to create a virtual world for physical therapy.

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machine learning icon
Machine Learning MQP

For my Major Qualifying Project, I worked with a team of four and a sponsor to create machine learning models for their spend data. We used decision trees and k-nearest neighbors to enhance their process.

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wpi mtg club website icon
WPI MTG Club Website

This project was self-motivated to help the club I am a president of. The goal was to create a better catalog for club members purchasing club cards, along with viewing other information like events.

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