Software Engineering Project

In the class Software Engineering, the majority of it was spent working on a major group project. I worked with two other students in this project, where we developed a website inspired by whentomeet but for choices. This project went into depth about good software engineering concepts, such as use cases, UML class diagrams, and other forms of planning out the code. We also structured the code via the entity-boundary controller design pattern. Finally, many important technologies were used such as AWS, git, SQL database, JavaScript for the frontend and Java for the backend, and APIs via yaml.

My Role in the Project

I did the vast majority of the frontend for the team. I used JavaScript alongside Bootstrap to create a clean, interactive frontend for the project. I also helped with parts of the backend, such as some of the lambda functions used for registering a user for a choice and populating a choice. Through this project, I learned about not only technologies like AWS and SQL, but also how to debug and troubleshoot various issues such as CORS errors.


Overall, I learned a lot of important technologies in this project. I also was able to get yet another valuable experience of group coding work. The project in general was also very interesting and unlike past assignments, my team and I had to start from scratch and do all parts to get the application working.

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