Course Work

This page includes all of the relevant courses I've taken in college. Below is a list of each class, with more information for each class on a seperate page.

List of Classes

CS 1102: Accelerated Intro to Program Design

CS 2011: Introduction To Machine Organization And Assembly Language

CS 2022: Discrete Mathematics

CS 2103: Accelerated Object-Oriented Design Concepts

CS 2223: Algorithms

CS 2303: Systems Programming Concepts

CS 3013: Operating Systems

CS 3043: Social Implications Of Information Processing

CS 3733: Software Engineering

CS 4120: Analysis of Algorithms

CS 4233: Object-Oriented Analysis and Design

CS 4241: Webware: Computational Technology For Network Information Systems

CS 4518: Mobile & Ubiquitous Computing

CS 4533: Techniques Of Programming Language Translation

CS 4536: Programming Languages

CS 5003: Foundations of Computer Science: an Introduction (Graduate)

CS 534: Artificial Intelligence (Graduate)

CS 541: Deep Learning (Graduate)

CS 542: Database Management Systems (Graduate)

CS 546: Human-Computer Interaction (Graduate)

DS 2010: Data Science II: Modeling And Data Analysis

DS 3010: Data Science III: Computational Data Intelligence

ECE 2029 Introduction To Digital Circuit Design

ECE 579: Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies (Graduate)

ECE 2049: Embedded Computing In Engineering Design