Webware Final Project

In this final project, me and three other students worked on a full-stack web development assignment. Our project invovled a game website, where users would participate by entering different words to form "stories", inspired by games such as mad libs. The assignment used technologies such as react, git, web sockets, expressJS, OAUTH with passportJS. The whole project took me and my team about ten days to complete.

My Role in the Project

I was the group member who initiated a lot of the project. After we discussed and planned what kind of website we would develop, I set up a lot of the technologies and skeleton of the website. I got the git repository created, along with react set up. Essentially, I got the ball rolling, and once a lot of that structure was put into place, I let other teammates start working on this. I handled some other parts of the website, but I mostly focused on the backend of creating the story along with some other smaller features. Another part of the project that I developed was the web sockets. This was my first time working with that technology, so it was a challenge, but I was able to effectively use them to enhance the user expeerience.


Overall, this was the largest collaborative Computer Science project I had worked on at the time. It was a great experience, not only because of all the technologies we had to combine, but also learning how to effectively use git for collaborative purposes. This was a very valuable experience also in preparing me for future projects such as the big project from software engineering and upcoming internships.

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